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What is Posture & Self-Care Training?

    • Learn techniques for better mindfulness
    • Empower self-healing
    • Focuses on sustainable self-care for life

Self-care is critical in our consistently stressed-out world. The nervous system is in a state of “fight or flight” more often than the “rest and digest” phase. Our bodies may send us signals, but due to our busy schedules we often neglect ourselves and the way our body feels. A sustainable self-care practice will allow the mind to connect with the body and spirit to empower self-healing.

Posture, and the ergonomics that affects our posture each and every day, is just one aspect of a self-care practice. Well-aligned posture is the foundation for good health, and it is a wonderful place to begin with the start of any yoga practice. Starting from an informed position will make your yoga practice that much more successful. If you would like to learn more about why posture is so important, read my blog post about it.


Learn self-care techniques such as foot massages with tune-up balls during a private yoga class with Moriah at Yoga Mojo & Movement Therapy in Vancouver, Washington
All ages can benefit from learning better posture during a private Yoga class at Yoga Mojo & Movement Therapy in Vancouver, Washington

More about Posture & Self-Care

Self-care is also essential to good health, and something that is easy to put off when our schedules become hectic. It is during these busy times that it’s important to have a toolbox full of self-care practices that can help manage stressful times. Without self-care, our minds tend to take over and leave our body and breath to function on their own, without awareness. Over time and without mindfulness, our bodies can begin to speak to us louder and louder until we have no choice but to listen. When this happens it becomes critical to initiate a good practice of self-care and rebalancing.

Posture & Self-Care Resources

Breathe, move and live – better.

If you would like to learn how to achieve better posture and a sustainable self-care practice, I would love to teach you. I look forward to hearing from so I can help you learn how to feel better in your body.

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