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What is Gentle Yoga?

    • Slower-paced
    • Non weight-bearing poses
    • Focuses on alignment and modifications

Gentle Yoga is another fairly generic term with styles such as chair and restorative yoga falling underneath it.

Gentle Yoga is ideal for those suffering from joint and chronic pain, recovering from injury/surgery or working with limited mobility.

Weight-bearing poses are limited if not completely eliminated from the practice, so the practitioner can focus on building strength, flexibility and balance.

Doug learns to build strength and flexibility in a Gentle Yoga class with Moriah at Yoga Mojo & Movement Therapy in Vancouver, Washington
Evelyn works on balance in a Gentle Yoga class at Yoga Mojo & Movement Therapy in Vancouver, Washington

More about Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga sequences can incorporate a wide variety of standing, seated, supine (done lying on the floor on your back) and prone (lying on your belly) poses. If the practitioner has a difficult time getting to the floor and back up again, Chair Yoga would be an ideal form of Gentle Yoga to practice.

The pace is slower in Gentle Yoga, and ideal for beginners wanting to learn about yoga, reduce stress and increase range of motion. Even those who are accustomed to a faster-paced yoga practice can benefit from Gentle Yoga. A Gentle Yoga sequence allows practitioners to tune into their bodies, focus on how to align themselves and sync their breath with their movements. Mindfulness can be greatly enhanced by practicing a more gentle style of yoga, and carries into the rest of the practitioner’s daily life.

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Breathe, move and live – better.

A private one-on-one Gentle Yoga class can restore balance in mind, body and spirit. I love sharing the many benefits of yoga and  look forward to showing you how to feel better in your body!

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