Reduce Anxiety:
Top 10 Tips

Reduce Anxiety: Top 10 Tips

Moriah Diederich, Yoga Mojo

Holistic Yoga Therapist™, RYT500, Accessible Yoga Teacher

Reduce anxiety. It’s something we all know we need to do. But how?

The following tips are simple things we can do to refocus our energy away from the many stressors in life. These tips are in no particular order. Start with the one that grabs you most and see if you can implement it today to reduce anxiety and stress.

Turn off the news.

Most of what is shown in the news is stressful, alarming and tragic. Watching the news creates more anxiety within us because we cannot control the situation – we feel powerless. If you’re a news junkie, try to reduce your intake by signing up for an email/news feed/podcast that gives you quick highlights such as the Skimm:

Listen to music that lifts your heart.

Perhaps it’s music that makes you feel like signing along to and/or dancing. Or maybe it’s soft, spa-like music (like what I play in the studio) that reduces anxiety, calms and grounds you.

Begin a gratitude journal.

Even if it’s just a list of all the people and things in your life that you are thankful for. It’s amazing how even just thinking about everything that is positive in your life can be uplifting to your spirit and help to reduce anxiety and stress!

Reduce stress with a gratitude journal, objects that make you happy or listening to your favorite songs.

Listen to your favorite songs, start a gratitude journal, surround yourself with objects that make you happy. These are all easy things you can do to reduce anxiety that can be done right now. What are you waiting for?

Be creative (not critical).

Whatever inspires you – paint, draw, sculpt, garden, tinker, build, cook, design, etc. Join the kids/grandkids to fingerpaint or color with crayons – make it fun and playful!

Disconnect from energy vampires.

 And no, I don’t mean unplug your appliances. Take note of particular friends or family members who drain your energy when you talk to them. Focus instead on those who revive and inspire you, and make you feel better after talking to them.

Establish a ritual such as lighting candles.

Each time you light a candle, think of your loved ones with whom you cannot connect with in person right now, and send them your love.

Take a stroll down memory lane.

Dust off the photo albums, or call an old friend to share memories of fun times past. Afterwards, take a moment to dream of something you are looking forward to in the near future.

Beautify, even if in small ways.

Pull out a favorite piece of art, sculpture or even the cool rock you found on that hike awhile back. Get fresh flowers from the store, or a house plant that makes you happy. Display these where you’ll see them most often in your home to help you reduce anxiety.

Watch uplifting programming.

Watch a comedy, romantic story or something that speaks to your heart and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For the time being set aside shows with horror, hate or extreme violence in them.

Move, don’t just exercise.

If you find yourself sitting to read, work on your computer or watch TV, remember to get up at least every hour (if not 30 minutes!) and do a lap around the house – or even better – outside!


I am passionate about helping my clients learn how to realign themselves in order to breathe, move and live better. Please contact me if you would like to learn how to relax and manage stress with Restorative Yoga. I’d love to help you feel better in your body!


Moriah Diederich is a certified Holistic Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500 and Accessible Yoga Ambassador, and has been featured on KGW8 Portland Today. She owns Yoga Mojo & Movement Therapy in Vancouver, WA, where she offers holistic yoga therapy and private yoga classes customized for each client and their specific needs. Moriah is passionate about helping people move more comfortably on a daily basis with the energy to enjoy family, community and the world around us. She believes that every individual can benefit from yoga because the practice is accessible to everyone and teaches us how to sustain healthy movement for life. Moriah lives in Camas, Washington with her best friend and husband Bret Canfield and their two furry kids: a couch potato Pitbull named Rookie, and a sweet and sassy green-eyed cat named Evie.



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