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“Beginning Yoga” isn’t exactly a style, but it’s important to note when you are starting your journey into yoga.

Beginning to learn yoga can be an overwhelming process. Where to start? There are so many different styles, studios and teachers. And then there’s the practice of yoga itself, which includes a huge variety of poses, known as asanas in Sanskrit. Poses are referred to by the yoga teacher in either English, Sanskrit or both. And during a yoga class other areas are often explored including breathing exercises, called Pranayama in Sanskrit, meditation, self-care techniques and more.

Jocelyn takes a beginning yoga class at Yoga Mojo & Movement Therapy in Vancouver, Washington, and learns how to place her arms in downward facing dog pose.
Learn yoga at Yoga Mojo & Movement Therapy in Vancouver, Washington. Build strength, flexibility and balance in a safe, fun and welcoming studio.

More about Beginning Yoga

I absolutely love introducing yoga to someone who has never done it before. When I begin teaching yoga to a new student, we start with the fundamentals. I will help you learn the poses that fit your needs and goals, whether that’s building strength, increasing flexibility, improving balance and more. I will guide you to become more mindful of your breath, and how to sync it with your movements. We will learn where your body is in need of support and modify as appropriate.

This is where the application of yoga styles comes in. Some bodies may be uncomfortable in certain types of poses, so I design the practice to support your needs and abilities. Chair yoga is a wonderful way to learn to build strength in a variety of poses, and gentle yoga gives you the time to learn alignment without the challenge of moving quickly or doing advanced weight-bearing poses. Restorative yoga is ideal for when you feel low on energy and high on stress, offering a stretching practice without strain or much effort.

Most of all, when you learn yoga with me we’ll have a ton of fun during the process!

Breathe, move and live – better.

I love sharing the joy of yoga with beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Everyday our body is different, so even if you have been practicing yoga for years each day can seem like a new beginning. Which is what makes learning yoga for the first time so exciting! Yoga is a life-long practice. It is your time to tune in and give your mind, body and spirit what it needs.

I would love to share the joy of yoga with you so you can experience the many benefits it has to offer. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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